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Ten smiling so brightly - requested by blueboxtraveller

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Take my Memories

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ms-deadpool asked: Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson

Graphic Request 1/6: Sherlock’s Mind Palace - The Method of Loci

for mindpalacee

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      i’ve always assumed that ʟᴏᴠᴇ is a dangerous disadvantage.

                     thank you for the final proof.

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« He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again. To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world’s greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived. »

Well, here we are. Hedgewick’s World - the biggest and best amusement park there will ever be and we’ve got a golden ticket! Eh, eh? Fun!

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easy, bug boy

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everybody dreams

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Harry Potter: We’ve got one thing that Voldemort doesn’t have.
Ron Weasley: Yeah?
Harry Potter: Something worth fighting for.

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